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Experience the healing power of cold

Would you like to get rid of minor ailments? Strengthen your immune system? Or improve your look? Come to Freezlab and experience the thrill of cryotherapy. You will spend 3 minutes in a Whole Body Cryo chamber at a temperature of -110°C. The cold treatment has an unprecedented number of effects. Come and experience it yourself!

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Faster recovery after extreme
workout, earlier rehabilitation of
injuries, better performance,
more frequent workouts.

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Natural pain relief,
strengthening of the
immune system.

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Tightened and beautiful
skin, reduction of
acne and cellulite,
weight loss.

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Overall reset, increased
vitality, sleeping better,
detoxification, relaxation,
hormone balance.

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The first Whole Body Cryo centre in the Netherlands

The healing method of exposing your body to extreme cold has been employed throughout history. Now, the Netherlands can also experience cryotherapy, a treatment method that is effective against pain and many other ailments. The first Whole Body Cryo (WBC) centre in the Netherlands is located in Amsterdam. Give your body a complete reset in 3 minutes at Freezlab Amsterdam!

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