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About Freezlab

Who are the driving forces behind the first cryo centre in the Netherlands?

In 2015, Wai Keung Man first encountered cryotherapy. His first thought: “Why doesn’t this exist in the Netherlands yet?” And because he is the kind of person who is always looking for a way to optimise his health, a one-time experiment turned into more. Wai found a sparring partner in friend and colleague Bastiaan Swager. Together, the two decided to bring cryotherapy to the Netherlands. The rest is history.

The first branch is located inside the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam. A beautiful contrast: a building with history and medical technology of the future. There, you can find the first WBC (Whole Body Cryo) chamber in the Netherlands. Caroline and Esther Esselaar are responsible for the day-to-day affairs of Freezlab Amsterdam.


Why do we want to do this?

We firmly believe that everyone who wants to undergo cryotherapy should have the opportunity to do so; in their own country, and at a reasonable price. That’s what inspires us, and it is also the reason we could get Freezlab going in just one year. Cryotherapy is not just another therapy; it is a revolutionary treatment that helps people. It is a method that really adds something to the existing treatment options – the opportunity to condition your body to become healthier and stronger in a pleasant manner (yes, even at -110°C!).


Responsible treatment

It is the human body we are talking about, so we take our responsibility seriously. You can be absolutely sure that at Freezlab, we treat people and resources with care. That is why we always explain to you what extreme cold really does to your body, and why cryotherapy is a safe kind of therapy that is proving to be an effective treatment for an ever-growing number of ailments.

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Experience the thrill of -110°C.

The extreme cold stimulates the body's healing process, processes that it has been given by nature.

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