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Cryotherapy and health: a happy marriage

The ancient Greeks already recognised the medicinal powers of cold water many years ago. Even after they discovered how to heat the water in their public baths, they continued to take a dip in cold water as well. Today, alternating between hot and cold baths is still a known health principle.

With cryotherapy, we stimulate our body to heal itself. Our body can do a lot, but the body’s immune system does require a stimulus to begin those processes. Something like a cold stimulus at -110°C during a session of 3 minutes in the Whole Body Cryo chamber. This temperature is the reason that the cold receptors in the skin alert the brain. Blood returns to the core to keep vital organs warm for as long as possible. The temperature of the blood also increases, making it very difficult for viruses and bacteria in the blood to survive. The body generates various natural painkillers, as well as other substances to strengthen the body.

Cryotherapy is already used widely in many countries, as an effective therapy to promote recovery and healing. Exposure to extreme cold triggers a reaction in the body that helps combat inflammation and pain. A major advantage of the treatment is that it is short, powerful and painless. Moreover, there are no side effects.
People who take cold showers often find that their skin is softer and smoother and less dry to the touch. During cryotherapy treatment your pores close just as they would during a cold shower, meaning the body’s natural oils remain in the skin and are not lost. The closed pores also prevent dirt from penetrating the skin. The production of extra collagen triggered by the cold stimulus provides more elasticity and younger looking skin.

Losing weight through cryotherapy
Cold is a good tool to activate the metabolism and to burn calories. The thyroid gland, for instance, reacts positively to the cold stimulus. After 10 days of cryotherapy, cold showers or swimming in ice water, the body develops an insulation layer. The thyroid gland produces more thyroxin, which mobilises fatty acids, resulting in weight loss.
The cold also has a direct effect on the fatty tissue in our bodies. There are two types of fat in our body: white fat cells that can be found mainly around the belly, butt and thighs, and brown fat cells that are responsible for the heating of our system. When exposed to cold, white fat cells are used as fuel for the heating of the body. Furthermore, the brown fat cells are stimulated to heat the body, while no physical exercise is needed.
Using cold to stimulate the mitochondria in the brown fat cells can slow down the ageing process and help to prevent diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases. The process also helps some women to fight cellulite. This could well be a simple but effective way to lose weight!

It’s even effective in winter
Even in winter, a cold shower or cryotherapy treatment can stimulate blood circulation. This promotes a healthy cardiovascular system with oxygen- and nutrient-rich blood being sent to all parts of our body. It can also improve the lymphatic drainage and the removal of toxins from the body.


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Experience the thrill of -110°C.

The extreme cold stimulates the body's healing process, processes that it has been given by nature.

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