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Sports performance increases with cryotherapy

The Manchester United footballers are doing it. American NBA basketball players are doing it. Cyclists in the Tour de France are doing it. Cryotherapy is booming in top-level sports. But even if you aren’t an elite athlete, you can benefit from it. In 3 minutes, your body gets a boost that no recovery spa can beat. You will be able to train better, and you will be less prone to sports injuries. It’s no surprise that cryotherapy is a standard component of the training programme in many sports.


The benefits of cryotherapy for sports

  • The body recovers faster after training. You can, therefore, move onto the next workout more quickly.
  • You will experience less pain after a heavy, intensive training session; cryotherapy works as a natural painkiller.
  • You are able to recover better, so you’re less susceptible to injuries.


The 21st-century variant of the ice bath

Cryotherapy is the modern implementation of the classic ice bath, which is also popular in the world of sports. The great advantage of cryotherapy over icy water:

  • After cryotherapy treatment, the body will be able to function perfectly straight away. Recovery from an ice bath takes 24 hours.
  • Cryotherapy lasts just 3 minutes.
  • A session is virtually painless.


Cryotherapy for elite athletes: the best-kept secret

Clubs like Manchester United, AC Milan and Real Madrid have their own cryotherapy chamber. It is used in the American NBA basketball league. Cyclists in the Tour de France trust it. However, little is known about its use in sports. Top teams do not like others to see what’s cooking in their “kitchen”. Training programmes are kept secret. An innovative method such as cryotherapy could be the deciding factor in the final of the Champions League or at the finish of a Tour de France stage. Therefore, research results are not made public. And that those results are positive is proven by the huge amount of interest from top sports in Europe and in the US.


What does the scientific community have to say about it?

Doctors in hospitals are increasingly recognising the positive effects of cryotherapy for sports. Dr. Colin Crosby of the BMI Hendon Hospital in London is leading the way. His conclusion: “Whole Body Cryo works positively on inflammation and pain, in particular the treatment of damage in the soft tissues of the body such as tendons, joints, and attachments between bone and muscle. WBC sessions speed up recovery. As a result, fewer anti-inflammatories and painkillers are required. Cryotherapy, in combination with physiotherapy, results in a shorter recovery period after a sports injury.”
The Welsh rugby team can now train twice a day after cryotherapy treatment instead of just once per day. Watch hier zijn filmpje.


Famous names

Cristiano Ronaldo has his own cryotherapy sauna at home. Since he has been using it twice a week, he is fitter and has more strength.

Fighting sports are intensive, above all due to the “full contact” character. Athletes must endure punches and kicks to their body. The resulting swelling goes away quicker when using cryotherapy, as known by UFC Fighter Jamie Varner. Treatment before and after the match promotes recovery. Watch hier.

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