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Cryotherapy, the new trend in wellness

We are taking better care of our bodies and are paying more attention to our health and good nutrition. That is why wellness has become much more important in a few years’ time. An innovative therapy, such as Whole Body Cryo at Freezlab, also fits into that trend.


The benefits of cryotherapy for wellness

  • A Whole Body Cryo session immediately improves your mood. Because of the release of endorphins and serotonin we feel happy, energised and relaxed.
  • Cryotherapy increases vitality because your blood values get a boost. This allows faster detoxification and regeneration of damaged tissue to take place. One session of 3 minutes and that pain in your legs from standing all day, back pain or stiffness reduces noticeably.
  • And jet lag, a hangover or lethargy? With a 3-minute session, fatigue and headache disappear and you’re ready to go.
  • A session awakens your immune system.


Wellness: everybody knows the word. But what is it actually? In fact, wellness is the sum of several factors:

  • nutrition
  • workplace/work attitude
  • exercise
  • breathing/air quality
  • electromagnetic load
  • inspiration
  • energy balance

In the optimum situation, each of those factors is in balance. What if there is a lack of balance in one or more of these factors? Sooner or later, we’ll feel the effects in our well-being. And it is likely cryotherapy can restore the balance. A couple of cryotherapy treatments are known to have very positive effects, which have a great deal to do with our hormone systems.


Cryotherapy, the Siberian way

Some twenty years ago, Olesya Osintseva, a kindergarten teacher in Siberia, felt that her children had little resistance to illness. She came up with an idea and, after talking to the parents, the children began to play outside in the icy Siberian cold in nothing more than their swimwear, every day, for one and a half minutes!

The effect was immediately noticeable. The immunity increased. Cryotherapy has an anti-inflammatory effect and helps the body to regulate itself. Furthermore, cryotherapy promotes the production of T-lymphocytes, which help strengthen the immune system.

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Experience the thrill of -110°C.

The extreme cold stimulates the body's healing process, processes that it has been given by nature.

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