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What is cryo?

Cryotherapy, an ancient method with a 21st-century update

Cryotherapy is not a new invention. In fact, the principle behind it has existed for centuries: willingly exposing the body to extreme cold. Studies and research have shown that exposure to cold can strengthen our immune systems. The same concept can be found in a sauna: in the plunge pool. Cryotherapy uses this principle in a modern and efficient way. After 3 minutes, you step out of the chamber feeling like a stronger, happier, more vital person.


The effects of cryotherapy

This happens when your body experiences the extreme cold in the Whole Body Chamber:

  • Nerve endings in your skin (cold receptors) alert your brain: you are in critical danger!
  • Blood retreats to the vital organs in the core and starts to flow faster. Your blood temperature may rise up to 40°C.
  • The feverish temperature effectively combats viruses in our blood, as with flu.
  • Your body pumps hormones and enzymes into the bloodstream in order to promote recovery.
  • The oxygen level in your blood increases because of the oxygen-rich environment in the chamber. Nutrient- and oxygen-rich blood encourages damaged tissue to heal faster.


After 3 minutes, you switch from freezing cold to room temperature. What happens next?

  • Blood flows back into your arms and legs at high speed; the increased pressure may cause clogged blood vessels to reopen.
  • Your enriched blood detoxifies your body better and faster.
  • Collagen production increases: the elasticity of your skin increases.
  • Your metabolism gets a boost.
  • Any blockages in your meridians disappear, due to the electric current caused by the large difference in temperature between your skin and your body’s core. Very beneficial for your organs!
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Experience the thrill of -110°C.

The extreme cold stimulates the body's healing process, processes that it has been given by nature.

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